Er Tostik


 The original fairy tale is stored in the 75th folder of the Central Scientific Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is written in the Latin script. Collected by I.Akhmetov.

The stories of Er Tostik fairy tale are found in Turkic peoples folklore (Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkish).

Scientific research

For the first time V.V. Radlov published the fairy tale of the Western Siberian Tatars "Irtyushlyuk" (Samples: 1870, III, №10). In Volume 5 of this work, 2146 verses of the Kyrgyz epos "Er Tostik" were published. Later, in the works of G.N. Potanin, a fairy tale was published once more.

The text of the fairy-tale was taken from the 75th volume of the "Babalar sozi" (Words of the Ancestors) collection.

S. Kaskabasov and D. Zhahan prepared and made scientific definitions to the text.




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